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About us

We are an online credit specialist. We will look first to correct any errors on your credit report to rapidly increase your scores. As we increase your credit score, we can look into powering you to use your credit wisely. Credit wealth and education can greatly enhance your lifestyle and we will share all of our tips with you. 

How it works!

Expert Analysis

Once your report is loaded to our system, we will send you our full analysis based on your credit report.

Multiple dispute rounds

We will cover multiple dispute rounds to get errors corrected on your credit reports.

Credit Education

We will provide the best tips on correcting your credit. We will also follow up with credit growth tips to increase your credit portfolio and scores.

Credit wealth

We will provide additonal steps after your credit repair to use your credit to wisely to increase cash flow options. 

Righ Choice Credit Repair

We are not here just for repair!

We want to help you not only repair your credit but we want to help you grow with your credit scores and credit knowledge. The more we can teach you about credit, the better your credit journey will be and will supply as much information as we can to help you build up your credit portfolio.
You can do more with your credit than you might now and we are prepared to help you along the way to more than just a high score but using your credit in ways that can increase your income level as well.

Why Right Choice

Here are some of the benefits of your account!

Rapid analysis

We will provide a full analysis of your credit file.

Credit monitoring

We offer a credit monitoring service to help you stay on top of your credit.

Credit Education

Not only will we help repair your credit we will give you tips on how to use your new found credit score. 

Beyond Repair

We a upgraded credit score, we have additional resources to help you rebuild your credit profile with new credit cards, home financing and even business financing. 



This will include additional credit wealth strategies beyond the intiial repair. 80% of consumers have errors on their reports. This repair process will help remove those errors to improve scores!



Obtain all 3 credit reports and scores for 1 low montly rate with Credit Hero Score! Identity theft protection included.


We Are Awesome At Our Work

We are growing every day with more and more disputes as well as clients with higher and higher scores!




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Our Clients Say

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Chelsea W.
"Right choice credit repair was the right choice for me on my credit repair journey"
Hospitality professional
Sean L.

Welding Master

"I have tried other credit repair companines but Right Choice helped me the most!"

Geoff O.

"I was close to filing bankruptcy but Right Choice steered me in the right direction."

Automobile Servicer

Right Choice Credit Repair

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